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Membership Application

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Current Single Family Residential (SFR) Active Listings located within the Core Area of Mid GA MLS must be entered in database within 5 business days of effective date of membership acceptance.

The following twelve counties are identified as Core Area: Bibb, Jones, Monroe, Crawford, Peach, Houston, Twiggs, Baldwin, Wilkinson, Putnam, Jasper and Butts.

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Subscription Fees - Billing Information

The monthly amount for membership for an agent is $40. New subscribers/agents joining will be added to the company’s bill. All billing for service will be done exclusively through the subscriber’s company. If you chose to get a key for access to lockboxes this is billed separately and is billed to you directly. See costs below under Issue of Supra Keys.

Once the company is billed for the subscriber, it is the subscriber’s responsibility to pay the company. You must notify the MLS office and cancel your membership and Supra Key, before the first business day of any month for which you do not wish to receive or be charged for your MLS service. Once the subscription has been terminated, no more MLS services will be provided.

FLEXMLS Software Program

Login credentials are for your use only. FLEXMLS is a copyrighted program. You cannot give access to anyone. If you do, it will mean you will lose your privileges and can be terminated from the MLS.

Issue of SUPRA Keys

If you get a Supra E-Key issued from Mid GA MLS there is a $50 setup charge for the E-Key billed by Supra and then a monthly charge of $17.78 (billed on the 6th of every month). The system will allow you to use a ACH or Credit /Debit card. NO CASH! This monthly rate of $17.78 is subject to change annually +/- 2% and is based on membership totals.

The E-Key is an app that you download to your smart phone. A key agreement must be signed by the broker and you, before a key can be issued or programmed for co-op.

SUPRA Key Issued from another MLS in State of Georgia

If you are a member of another MLS that uses Supra in the state of GA we will Co-Op your key to work with our Lockboxes.

Do you have a Supra Key issued from another MLS in the state of Georgia?

If you have a Supra Key from another MLS please provide your serial number and pin below so we can reciprocate it to work with our system.

Lockbox Deposit

A lockbox deposit is only required if you are working for a brokerage that is a stockholder/owner in Mid GA MLS. If you are not sure, ask your broker or call us at 478.742.1262.

As a new subscriber joining a stockholder company you must present a separate check or cash in the amount of $100.00 for a refundable lockbox deposit. If you would like to pay this by credit/debit card please let us know and we will email an invoice with a payment link. The $100 will be held in a trust account until you cancel your MLS service. Each stockholder brokerage subscriber agent is required to have this deposit with the MLS, no other subscriber may “share” this deposit, nor may it be transferred to another subscriber. Refund of this deposit is contingent upon:

  • Returning or accounting for all lockboxes
  • Settling all monetary issues

Lockbox Use Policies & Procedures

Supra lockboxes are used with Mid GA MLS listings. If you are with a subscriber company, please verify with your brokerage if you are to purchase your own Supra lockboxes from the MLS. Some brokerages provide lockboxes and some ask the agents to buy the lockboxes. The cost of a lockbox from the MLS is $115. By signing this application, you agree to those terms.

If you are with a stockholder/owner company, we offer a lending service for lockboxes once the $100 lockbox deposit is paid. The MLS will loan lockboxes to listing agents that are licensed with a stockholder/owner brokerage for their listings within 30 miles of the MLS. Each lockbox must be returned to the MLS so that entry information can be stored by the SupraNET system. This helps insure the security that this system provides.

I have read the above information regarding MLS subscription fees/billing and policies. I fully understand the policies of the MLS regarding the information.

Subscriber Member Agreement

This SUBSCRIBER MEMBER AGREEMENT is between Bibb Multi List, Inc d/b/a Mid Georgia MLS., having its principal offices at 2385 Vineville Avenue, Macon GA 31204 (hereinafter referred to as “MIDGAMLS”), and the undersigned individual associated licensee. The effective date is of the date MIDGAMLS releases login credentials for the MIDGAMLS database to the SUBSCRIBER MEMBER.

Once we receive your submitted application, staff from MIDGAMLS will contact you by telephone on the same business day if this form is submitted by 3:00pm or on the next business day if submitted after hours. We will contact you to schedule an appointment or conference call with you to activate your membership.

By signing below, I acknowledge and understand that the affirmative act of signing below to accept this agreement constitutes my electronic signature and my acceptance to be bound by all of its terms and conditions. I affirm that I have read the entire agreement and all the information I have provided is true and accurate. Further, I have read and agree to abide by all MIDGAMLS Rules & Regulations and Listing Policies.